Appeal. In the middle of the coronavirus emergency.Solidarity is worthwhile: amnesty for full rights for all refugees and immigrants

We are experiencing a pandemic which is questioning humanity whereever it may be found. The emergency is becoming worse because there aren’t enough beds in hospitals which have been devastated by government policy causing the present risk that many will not be able to be saved.
We can truly face this emergency only if we learn to do so humanely, coming together between people. Let’s try and understand better how much each one is similar to others and that what happens in far away or nearby places is always related to us. There are so many damages, too many, caused by the dehumanising logic of governments - in the firt place – which make walls, borders, profits, creating misery and producing wars at the expense of so many human lives. Unfortunately, selfishness of normal people whether big or small, indifference and negligence are making the situation worse.
Now is the time to react together, promoting welcoming, respect, getting to know each other and humane solidarity.
Let’s learn not to leave anybody behind nor to forget anyone. Let’s learn to look for safety together with that of others, to build solidarity. This is the time to unite strengths. We uphold the appeals by the NGOs to safe lives at sea safely, against the attrocities of the government who ignore the SOS calls. In the same way, we ask for full rights and freedom for all of our immigrant and resident brothers and sisters in this country. Living conditions have become worse: asylum seekers are blocked and piled up in the centres, so many others are exploited in the fields or in the factories and still others are unfortunately losing their jobs without any job security whatsoever.
The very living conditions are complicated, just as it is inhumane to force the rom population to live in camps where even the bear essentials are missing. However, all this humanity is an inestimable good from which a better life for everybody can be built, together with the people in this country even when dealing with this emergency. We think about so many doctors and nurses who could potentially cure those who are in need but to whom the government does not recognise their degree. The fact that those who do not have a document are literally trapped, is an injustice. They do not have full rights to health care nor can they help their relatives freely. Hence, let’s unite for:
- a generalized amnesty for all refugees and immigrants currently in Italy
- full rights and welcoming for all
To be free to look after themselves and to be free to look after others.